Sunday, February 15, 2009

Heart Smart: The Simplest Pasta Recipe Ever

In keeping with our month-long, Valentine/heart theme, I would like to offer a simple recipe that I sometimes make when I am short on time.

You start with olive oil, and it is up to you how much you want to use. I usually coat the bottom of my frying pan, and that is usually enough. Mince some garlic and add to the olive oil. Heat until fragrant (and it's a lovely smell, believe me). Add some red pepper flakes. Cook up some whole wheat pasta (I recommend Al Dente and I usually cook about 1/2 the bag). Add the pasta to the olive oil mixture and there you go--a simple, delicious, effective, heart-smart meal!

Now. If you don't want to be heart smart, you can do what I do and top it with some pepper jack cheese. Serve with bread and/or salad.


1 comment:

Diana Dyer said...

You always make me laugh with the final twist you put into your posts!
Keep it up - I'm sure that belly laughs must be heart-healthy. :-)