Sunday, November 15, 2009

Michigan Lady Food Blogger FAQ

Who are the Michigan Lady Food Bloggers?
We are a group of over 50 women that live in Michigan that blog about food.

How did the MLFB get started?
Our history can be found here.

What does the MLFB do?
We have an active google group where we talk about food, writing about food, share advice about cooking (and life) and we occasionally get together for various cooking, potlucks, holiday cookie exchanges, etc.  We read each others blogs, we comment on each others blogs, we inspire each other.

Why is the group only for women? There's lots of great food blogs written by men.
Yes, there are! Men we know often do attend our events. Early on, the group decided they wanted it to be a group made of women food bloggers.

I live in California/Arizona/Florida/Etc. Can I join the MLFB?
Since our group likes to meet face to face throughout the year, we like to keep it local. We do have a few members that have moved away and continued to be a part of our circle, but the group works well because we actually meet in person fairly often.

What is required to join the MLFB?
It's easy to join! To join, women need to live in Michigan and have a food blog. We don't care if your blog is totally about food, but it should include posts about food on occasion.

I don't have a food blog yet, but I am going to start one soon. Can I still join?
It's easy to start a blog.  We want to help you get started by motivating you to take that first step. Today is the day....start that blog!  There are many blogging tools out there, this one is written on Google's Blogger.  It's super's how to get started on Blogger.   Start that blog!  Then join us.

How do I join the MLFB?
Add your email address to the box on the right.  Upon joining, you will be asked where you live in Michigan and what your blog's URL.   Google groups work best when you have a google's free and you can use your own email address.  You don't need to have a gmail account.  Here's how you can learn more about google groups.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing this! It's amazing to see how our group has grown and grown!!! Now we have to get matching jackets and walk around town being all cool and stuff :)

Anonymous said...

Nah, we need to get something like the red hat ladies have. Maybe matching purple scarves? :)

Shayne said...

I remember a few years ago google searching for area food bloggers and only finding Warda (64 sqft kitchen) and within a few short months a small group of us local food bloggers getting together. I am amazed in just a few short years not being able to find any west Michigan food blogs to this. I love you ladies and what we are doing.

Kitchen Chick said...

So it's changed a bit regarding men attending events? I mean, the first event J wasn't invited, which is why I backed out.

(Shayne, I've been food blogging since 2004. I think I could count the local food blogs on one hand back then.)

CreativeOnion said...

Hi MK! Thanks for your delightful invitation! I've just gotten hooked on yours, and I agree with what others have said - how on earth do you find the time to do all the awesome things you do?

I actually joined the Michigan Lady Food Bloggers group a few weeks ago, but haven't officially introduced myself yet. :) I promise to introduce myself properly this weekend (and collect all the Ladies' RSS feeds into my reader), and I'm thinking my next post might have to be about this wonderful group.

Anonymous said...

Re: men...we have had an event or two that included husbands. Most of the time, it's girls only. Of course, anyone can host any event so if someone wanted to have something that included spouses, she would just throw the date and plans out on the list!
Personally, my husband loves when I have girls nights and would rather clean the garage than go to one of these events!! :) (Getting him to tolerate dinner parties is enough of a coup...I don't want to push it!! :))

Kelly the Kitchen Kop said...

What a GREAT idea and neat way to connect! I'm joining now!

My post will be up tomorrow about a meet-up last night with local West Michigan food bloggers - it was a blast!