For new members of MLFB


  1. Introduce yourself to the group.  Tell us your first name, your blog's URL, and where you live to start.   After that, please tell us anything more you'd like to share.
  2. Attend a gathering!  One of the best things about MLFB is our get togethers.  The food is always fantastic and it's great to meet the author of a food blog that you've admired.
  3. Host a gathering!  Themed potlucks, educational opportunities, group cooking ventures are always popular.   There's certain to be someone that wants to do what you would like to do.
  4. Author something for our group blog, which is  Add it to your reader list. If you'd like to be added to our group blog, email kimbayer at gmail dot com.
  5. Add yourself to our MLFB map.   Click edit and place a marker on your location.  Title it with your blog's URL.
  6. Become a fan of MLFB on facebook, (search for Michigan Lady Food Bloggers)
  7. Invite a Michigan woman food blogging friend to join us
  8. Become familiar with how google groups work.  
  9. Check out the old posts of MLFB on our google group page.  Fun stuff!  That's the best way to get to know everyone and to catch up on our latest discussion. 
  10. Check out our page on facebook