Sunday, February 22, 2009

Adopt an Olive Tree

A few years ago, my life long (well, since college) best friend, Tiffany, got me a subscription to Vegetarian Times. I usually find at least one or two good recipes, even though I am a carnivore. This month, there was a small article about a place in Italy where you can adopt an olive tree. I cut it out and thought about it for about an hour. Then I went onto the site and adopted a tree!!

I did this for a few reasons. Right now, I have some extra money (until my anticipated $5,000-$10,000 pay cut next school year, that is) and it seemed like a nice, eco-friendly thing to do. (Note: After I put in my information, I realized that I had put in the wrong card # and the $130 is actually coming out of my student loan money, but whatever. It all gets paid in the end.) Also, it just sounds cool!! You get an adoption certificate and everything! And I can visit my tree anytime I want (provided I spring for the air fare and the horse tranquilizers that I'd need to get on a plane for that long).

But it's something kind of cool. You know, so when someone asks "What'd you do this weekend?", I can be all, "I adopted an olive tree in Italy, MFer!!" I have a good story, a tree gets adopted, a farmer gets my money (exchanged into Sterling British Pounds, no less). Win, win, win!

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