Monday, December 15, 2008

Now that we have a blog together

How about some abfab cookie recipes? I'm thinking of adding my recipe for Rum Balls. Maybe Creme de Menthe Squares. Or Raspberry Bars. Or perhaps the fabulous Almond Banket. And for sure the Coconut Lemon Circles!  Can't wait to see the Mincemeat Pinwheels....are they better than my grandmother's Date Pinwheels? I don't see how it's possible.  

Since Diana was the inspiration for our new blog domain, it's fitting that the first recipe be her recipe for:  Kale Balls  



Kim said...

Wow - do I love those coconut lemon circles or what?


TeacherPatti said...

This is so cool! I will post some recipes when I get home from school.