Monday, January 31, 2011

Posting something in January

It's really easy to start a food blog....and it's really hard to keep posting month after month, year after year.   My guess is that Kate at Four Obsessions probably has the oldest blog amongst the Michigan Lady Food Bloggers.   When I started my blog in January 2006 with a post about how I hate eating at McDonalds, it was Kate who I asked for advice, because I liked her blog.    Ed Vielmetti wrote about how hard it is to keep a blog going in, and how some bloggers just leave us hanging, mid thought.  One of the goals of the Michigan Lady Food Bloggers is to keep the blogging home fires burning.   I asked the group to try to make a post before the month was out, just to see what we'd come up with.....and here is what happened:

  • Our Michigan friend expatriated to Japan, Joan at Popcorn Homestead,  wrote a post about kitchen gardening.  
  • Sheila in Grandville posted a delicious recipe for a chicken caesar wrap.
  • Wendy, who I think is also a Grand Rapider, Rapidite, Rapidian? has started another blog where she wrote about the merits of growing your own hops and also her 10 favorite root vegetable recipes...hutspot anyone?
  • Anne from the northern suburbs of Detroit (I can't remember which one - sorry Anne!) blogs for the first time since giving birth, and she goes all out with braised short ribs.  Wow, gal!  I can remember that I didn't cook for months after I had my first baby.  My husband asked meekly "Are you ever going to cook dinner again?"
  • Ann Arborite Tricia over at Jonski Blogski wrote about one of my favorite things, licorice.  Tricia is a long time blogger, too.  I can remember reading her blog since the early days.
  • Another Tree Towner Vivienne blogged about her pickles and I am so glad she did!  I have seen her larder and it is beautiful.
  • Up in Traverse City, Maggie offers us a healthy treat - flaxseed brownies
  • Bee and Val offer up some oven roasted smashed baked potatoes, which would be great for a game day dinner.
  • Margot is blogging less as she is trying to finish up her dissertation at U of M, but meanwhile writes a thesis about no knead bread.   Lots of great info here!
Great job, ladies!  Can't wait to see what more you can come eup with in 2011.  Keep on bloggin'.....


Wendy (The Local Cook) said...

Thank you so much for hosting this! LOVE it!

Jessica Butcher, RD said...

What a terrific idea! Love all that each of you are doing! Just wish I had more time to keep up with your brilliant blogs :)